2021 First Quarter
Sandy Area Sensational Business
Ascent Physical Therapy


Ascent Physical Therapy

Brittany Allen Wednesday, August 20, 2021

PMG PHOTO: BRITTANY ALLEN – Jonathan Rice, Katelyn Leathers and Patrick Webinger help run the Sandy location of Ascent Physical Therapy.

When Jonathan Rice, Patrick Webinger and Derek Lawr first opened Ascent Physical Therapy in summer of 2019, the trio said it was, in part, because they’d been serving Sandy residents already at their Happy Valley location.

Now they have a loyal local following at 17420 Meinig Ave.

“They are amazing at taking care of everyone and the communities’ needs, and not just health-wise but they volunteer, give back, help local athletes and (are) willing to take on patients regardless of insurance, no insurance and everything in between,” said one nominator of the folks at Ascent.

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AmFam-Matt Moffat Agency

American Family Insurance

By Brittany Allen | Sandy Post – August 09 2021



PMG FILE PHOTO: BRITTANY ALLEN – Nikki Skinner and Matt Moffat have served Sandy’s insurance needs through American Family Insurance for years

Matt Moffat has been in the insurance game for more than 20 years, serving the Sandy community for most of his career. Formerly an agent for California Casualty, Moffat set up shop in Sandy in September 1999, at the very location he remains in today at 38965 Pioneer Blvd.

Through American Family, Moffat and his team — Nikki Skinner and Chris Jeffries — offer insurance for everything, including automobiles, businesses and life and commercial enterprises.

“For many years, Matt Moffat has been a valuable member of not just the Sandy Chamber, but the community at large,” said someone who nominated Moffat. “He volunteers at events and is always willing to lend a hand. As an added bonus, he is a great insurance agent.”

Outside the office, the agents also volunteer several hours with organizations like the Sandy Public Library, the AntFarm YouthCore and Mt. Hood Hospice.

“I’m honored,” Moffat said of his nomination. “I’m proud to be part of the Sandy business community: a community that looks out and cares for each other.”

Sandy Family Restaurant

Sandy Family Restaurant

By Brittany Allen | Sandy Post – August 09 2021



PMG FILE PHOTO: BRITTANY ALLEN – Ria Brower has provided food, drinks and a family atmosphere at Sandy Family Restaurant for the past decade.

For the past eight years, Sandy Family Restaurant, 39024 Proctor Blvd., has strived to be just what its name suggests. Ria’s Bar, which is attached to the downtown eatery, has been in the community for 10 years, and though its customer base is a little different, the family feel remains.

“The owner of these businesses came up with the idea for the city of Sandy Permanent Covered Structures Program, and (theirs) will be the first project completed through this program,” said one person who nominated Brower’s businesses. “More importantly, (Brower) has dedicated all of the money she received through the Emergency Small Business Assistance grant program to keep employees on the payroll and working through the pandemic. While this decision was probably painful to her bottom line, it was immensely important to the Sandy residents that work for her. Ria Brower’s dedication to her employees is exemplary and worthy of recognition during these difficult times.”

In her time in Sandy, Brower has also tried to extend the same loyalty she sees from her regulars back into the community, hosting nonprofit group Sandy Helping Hands’ annual Camo Pub Crawl and participating in the Sandy Area Chamber of Commerce’s First Friday festivities and Trick-or-Treat Trail.