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Detailed Information: 
The Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States is a nonprofit veterans service organization comprised of eligible veterans and military service members from the active, guard and reserve forces. We also have an associated Post Auxiliary for Family members of Combat Veterans.

Our Mission: To foster camaraderie among United States veterans of overseas conflicts. To serve our veterans, the military and our communities. To advocate on behalf of all veterans.

Our Vision: Ensure that veterans are respected for their service, always receive their earned entitlements, and are recognized for the sacrifices they and their loved ones have made on behalf of this great country.

For our Donors and Supporters:

TAX DEDUCTION REFERENCE AND EXCEPTION: “IRS Publication 557 (Rev. January 2017), Page 68, ‘Organization Reference Chart’ 501(c)(19)7 ‘Contributions to these organizations are deductible only if 90% or more of the organization’s members are war veterans.'” As the Veterans of Foreign Wars is a membership greater than 90% Combat Veterans, all donations are tax deductible, up to 100% of the donation dependent upon your own tax filing status, income, exemption allotment and other individual circumstances regarding your return. NOTE: Please be sure to reference the current publication for revisions, this is informational only at the time it was shared and should not be considered as consultation, legal status, advice or any other form other than a point of reference. Check with a qualified tax consultant or tax attorney for clarification and verification of your individual needs.

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