Contact: Katharine Erlenbush

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32700 SE Leewood Lane, Lot 210
Boring, OR 97009 

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Mon-Fri 8am to 5pm

541-666-5849 (Main)

Detailed Information: As a certified cryotherapy technician, I offer treatment through a localized cryotherapy unit which is mobile and will allow flexibility to see clients at their homes, provider office, gyms, health fairs, and veterinarian offices. Localized cryotherapy can target a specific muscle / joint with a pressurized stream of cold air at below 180F, removing inflammation and swelling from an injured or healing area. Benefits of localized cryotherapy are: decreased pain and inflammation, enhance range of motion, speeds up recovery, flushes stagnant fluid and tissue rapidly, facial discomfort, and promotes an active lifestyle. I have worked over 25 years in the medical field supporting patients and providers in their goals for wellness. Personally, I have been a client of cryotherapy for bilateral knee pain and shoulder surgery recovery since 2018. After just a few treatments, these areas had less pain than they had in years. I am so excited to share this with our community!

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