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Estate Planning

  • Wills & Trusts: Planning ahead to simplify the transfer of assets upon your death and to ensure that your wishes are followed.
  • Power of Attorney: Authorizing another person to act on your behalf in the event of your mental or physical incapacity.
  • Health Care Directive (“Advance Directive”): Authorizing another person to make health care decisions on your behalf, including life-sustaining measures, in accordance with your written directions.
  • Special Needs Trusts (“Supplemental Needs Trusts”): Setting up, funding and utilizing trusts for minors, disabled individuals and other persons with special needs or persons receiving means-based benefits such as SSI or Medicaid.

  • A probate is not always necessary for an estate. A probate is a legal proceeding filed with the court in order to administer an estate and accomplish the transfer of estate assets upon death: Small Estate Probate: The total value of all real estate cannot exceed $200,000, the total value of all personal property cannot exceed $75,000, and the total value of the estate cannot exceed $275,000 Full Probate: Estates that do not qualify for small estate probate or for which a full probate is advisable.
Trust Administration
  • Advise and assist with administering trusts or trust estates, including revocable living trusts and supplemental needs trusts.
Guardianships and Conservatorships
  • Appointment of guardians and/or conservators for minors, disabled or incapacitated individuals.
  • Incorporating a Small Business: Advise and assist in the formation of business entities, including assumed business names, corporations, partnerships and limited liability companies.
  • Business Contracts: Review and prepare business contracts, including business purchase agreements, promissory notes and security agreements.

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