The elephants are coming! The elephants are coming!

The Metro Council gave the green light for the purchase of the former site of Roslyn Lake to build an off-site breeding and conservation area for the Oregon Zoo. The site, still in the planing stages, would include a matriarchal herd with several generation housed together, various activities for the heard, well drained soil, and lots of space. These would best mimic natural wild habitats. The Idea is to have two herds, one at the zoo and the other at the remote center, so the bulls can move between the the herds.

Oregon Zoo director Kim Smith told the council that the Oregon Zoo would do research while formulating it’s plan, and use the example of the current construction of the National Elephant Center in Florida as a guide. Construction of the remote center is expected to cost upwards of $17 million, with operating costs of more than a million per year. Officials at the Oregon Zoo will consult with the Oregon Zoo Foundation to start making fund raising plans. Councilors representing three different counties voted unanimously in favor for the expansion and development of the Roslyn Lake “Serengeti”. No date as been set as of yet for a construction timeline.

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