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Sandy Cash Mob

Sandy Cash Mob April 20, 2013
Kudos to our Ambassador Committee, we had a lot of fun Mobbing Gifts of Past to Present on Saturday!
Join us next time, keep your eyes open for the next Cash Mob in Sandy!
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Chamber Mob Squad Off and Running
The Chamber has launched the SACC Mob Squad’s Mini Mob Program
If you have seen it, heard of it or are just not quite sure what it is all about, here is the Who, What, Where, When and How!
WHO? You, or your employees if you are a chamber member! Don’t be afraid to get your employees involved in shopping local and showing it!

WHAT? The mini-mob is a way for biz owners to connect with each other and a way to build community and chamber membership.  It’s a great opportunity to visit a business you have never been to, but have been meaning to stop in and check out.
WHERE? Any business in the Sandy Area (does not have to be a storefront or a Chamber member)
WHEN? Kick off was April 3rd at Good Morning Sandy and it will end June 30th.

HOW? Follow these 3 super-simple, easy steps!


  1. Make sure you have plenty of cards on you. Keep them in your car. (Pick them up at the Chamber office if you need some)
  2. Fill our your name (and you can put a postage stamp on the card, to make it easy for them to return.)
  3. Whenever you visit a business, bring a card. Make sure the person you are handing it to knows what to do with it.

You the mobber and the business the mobbee, will be entered in to a drawing at the end of June.  Prizes include a $100.00 gift card from Fred Meyer for the mobber and a $150.00 gas card for the mobbee, plus the winning business (mobbee) gets a free banner at Music Fair and Feast.
We now have 27 cards returned and out of those 27, 18 different businesses have been mini mobbed by 10 mobbers!

Networking Events
Good Morning Sandy
May 1, 2013
Dita’s Chocolates
38915 Proctor Blvd

Meet new people and support
your local businesses. It is a great
time for networking, door prizes and refreshments.
Remember to bring a dollar for the 50/50 raffle!

Brown Bag Lunch & Learn
Thursday April 25th
SACC Office
Boss-onomics 101
10 Ways to Repair, Restore, and Redirect
Your Relationship with your Manager (For Both Bosses & Employees)


• Have you ever worked with someone and thought, “This person is going to make me crazy!”
• Is unclear communication with your manager a source of stress or concern in your job?
• Have you ever thought, “I need to quit my job!”… and a big reason is that you just don’t get along with your manager?
Well, here’s your answer…
At the next SACC Brown Bag Lunch, Lea McLeod will teach you how to build a better relationship with your manager.
You’ll learn:
– The biggest single mistake most employees make in working with their managers.
– The one thing you can say that will instantly change the course of any “bad manager” day.
– 10 things you can do to course-correct a manager-employee relationship that has veered off the rails.
All so that you can build a better relationship with your manager, end the dread of going to work each day, and find more satisfaction and empowerment in the work that you do!
Lea McLeod, M.A. is a JOB THERAPIST. She helps people build a better relationship with their jobs so that they can overcome the obstacles that keep them stuck and destroy their confidence.
She wants you to be self-assured, empowered, and positive in your work, so that you have the capacity to earn more money, have more time and find a greater sense of meaning in your what you do!
Find her or contact her at!Free to members
$5.00 for non members
Please give us a call at 5603.668.4006 if you are interested in attending.


New Members
Support our new members.


Support our Members


Sandy Fire Department

Vote for Sandy High School Artist Sierra Martz
You can stop in to our local Safeway and see the actual live size cow she
has painted! It is amazing, so
vote it up! Unlimited voting!

Small Business
Development Center

Learn Great Ways To Grow
Your Business

Check out our lineup of information-packed classes by visiting our website.


Thank you for your continued support of the Sandy Area Chamber of Commerce!

Sincerely,Karey Milne
SACC Member Services Manager

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