SACC at Work 2.26.13

Networking Events

Good Evening Sandy
February 27th
SHS/Clackamas County
Health Wellness Center
37400 Bell Street

Meet new people and support
your local businesses. It is a great
time for networking, door prizes and refreshments.

Remember to bring a dollar for the 50/50 raffle!
Half of the proceeds are used to “adopt” a local family in December.

Brown Bag Lunches

Thursday February 28th
SACC Office
Topic: Key Elements at your work place
Speaker: Paula Springer of Key Elements
Free To Members
$5.00 Non Members

10 Ways to Ignite Your Workspace Mojo 
(and Turn on your Prosperity)

When you walk into your workspace, what do you see? Do you feel good? Do you feel excited to work or serve your customers? Is your office or storefront a supportive and nurturing environment, that allows you to be productive and prosperous? Or is it stressing you out and draining your (and your customers and clients’) energy?

Think about it…. this place is the crucible where you are transforming your skills and talents into your income. All too often, we put our time and attention on the spaces that are less instrumental in changing our lives. Could we be more productive, more creative and more prosperous if our offices and business spaces supported us more?  The answer is yes!

Paula Springer of Key Elements Inc. is an expert stager and the queen of color. In 10 Ways to Ignite Your Workspace Mojo & Flip the Switch on Your Prosperity, she’ll share tips from design psychology, health and wellness ideas, and mindset tricks that can impact your productivity on a profound level, whether your office is in a spare bedroom or you have a large storefront business.

Bring a picture of your workspace or business for a chance to have a live assessment.

Monthly Luncheon

Lunch with a Lawyer – Most overlooked business issues you should know about
Speaker: Jay McRostie of Young Twedt & McRosite
March 13th 2013
Time: 12:00-1:00pm
Place: Sandy Fire Department Annex Bldg
17459 Bruns Ave
$12.00 Luncheon Buffet by Wong’s King

New Members

Renewing Members

Good Samaritan Society/Fairlawn Village
Mt. Hood Meadows
Sandy Decor
Sandy Senior/Community Center
Specktacular Home Remodeling
Young Twedt McRostie, LLP

Small Business
Development Center

Learn Great Ways To Grow Your Business

Check out our lineup of information-packed classes by visiting their website.

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