CPR / Heartsaver First Aid – Shirley Smith

Contact: Shirley Smith
Address: Welches, OR  97067
Phone: 503.622.1382
email icon thesnowgoose6@gmail.com



Shirley has been in the healthcare field for 35 years experiencing many life emergencies on a professional and personal level. Her classes are structured for the student’s needs. Group classes are available for parents, churches, retirement community, country clubs, neighborhoods, and medical and dental staff. These classes offer a great opportunity for small and large businesses to learn First Aid and CPR.

In her practice, Shirley strives to make students feel comfortable and confident in an emergency situation, sharing true successful stories when time is crucial. Shirley loves to teach and finds the practice very rewarding.

Services provided include two year certification for lay rescuers and health professionals. Students will practice on manikins and be trained on AED’s. Classes follow American Heart Association Guidelines.

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