Chariteas, LLC

Contact: Charity Chalmers
Address: 38954 Proctor Blvd.PMB #152, Sandy, OR 97055
Phone: 503.826.1900
Fax: 503.826.1900
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Detailed Information About Chariteas, LLC

CHARITEAS: a place of communitea and qualitea, an oasis of whimsical fun and quiet reflection, and most important a source of GREAT TEA!

Hi, I’m Charity Chalmers, the proprietress of Chariteas, a sweet lil’ boutique tea shop in Sandy, OR.

Chariteas is my dream. My first memory of tea was stepping into a high-end tea store in Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA. It was a fabulous place bursting with diverse teas and accessories. I fell in love with this wonderful peach tea there; it was heavenly! Walking by, I could never resist the temptation to drop in, stock up on peach tea, and enjoy the atmosphere. Because I fell in love with tea and the culture behind it, I wanted share my knowledge with others.

Thus the dream of Chariteas was born. As I look for a home for my lil’ tea shop, this adorable piece of property opened up in Sandy, and I felt like the town could really benefit from something like Chariteas. So, I decided to take a risk. I love Sandy’s close knit, country-town, neighborly feel. I know that’s a lot of adjectives, but it’s true! It’s wonderful to actually know our neighbors, and our customers are our friends. People take care of each other. The pace of life here is a laid-back, “smell the roses” stroll; we love the community and way of life. Chariteas brings all those things into one place; we’re your next door neighbor’s cottage where anyone can drop by for tea and a good story, not to mention whimsical tea inspired goodies! Tea is a cup of life! So let’s put the pot on and stay awhile!

-Charity Chalmers, Proprietress
Our hours:
Monday 10am-4pm
Tues-Saturday 10am-8pm

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