Carol’s Complete Cleaning

Contact: Carol Burk
Address: 23804 E Greenwood Ave , Welches, OR 97067
Phone: 503.622.1142
Phone: 503.201.6640
Fax: 503.622.4230
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Detailed Information About Carol’s Complete Cleaning

From weekly housekeeping service to deep cleaning Carol’s Complete Cleaning is a close-knit, family-oriented business that has sustained itself and flourished through community referrals and customer satisfaction. Our staff takes pride in their work & reputation, and being gainfully employed by a company that respects the quality of life of all who are a part of it.

Need Help With Your Second Home or Vacation Rental?

Carol’s Complete Cleaning is now offering Additional Services which include:

  • Opens & Closes
  • Hot Tub Maintenance
  • After Hours & Emergency Calls
  • Snow Removal For Decks & Walkways
  • Firewood & Supplies
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