Brightstar Consulting

Contact: Matthew Wilson
Address: 38954 Proctor Blvd #221, Sandy , OR 97055
Phone: 503.218.3222
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Detailed Information About Brightstar Consulting


We make your computer work for you.

Whatever your needs, Brightstar Consulting can meet them. We provide services ranging from the installation of a first network and computers to ongoing support and maintenance of existing computers and networks. We have extensive experience in upgrading and modifying existing installations, whether your company simply needs to expand, or you want to do something new.  Areas that we especially focus on are security, backup, and disaster recovery, and making sure that computers and networks are available and ready when you need them.

We do offer remote services and support, including what is known as MSP.

We’ll sit down with you and learn what you want to do, and what your computers are doing for you now. Then we’ll craft a plan that will get you from here to there. Our goal is to find the combination of hardware, software and services that best fits your needs and how you operate.


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