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Contact: Corrine Konell
Address: Sandy, OR
Phone: 503.351.1163
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At barNONE Protein our 100% grass-feed goat whey protein bars are made with only real food and never heat treated. Our delicious bars are packed with 20 grams of clean protein and are over 70% Organic, gluten/soy/corn/egg/bovine-free, non-GMO and contain zero hidden ingredients, filer, refined sugar/sugar alcohols, artificial ingredients, or ‘natural flavors’. Hormone-free, grass-fed goat whey protein boasts the highest form of BCAA’s and biological value found in any natural food source on the planet! Goat whey also helps to promote better muscle growth and recovery, is easily digestible with less inflammation, more tolerated by those with allergies/intolerances to cow dairy, and matches the human body better than other forms of animal dairy. Plus goat whey protein is non-homogenized – meaning it is free from a free radical called “Xathine Oxidase” that is found in cow’s milk.

***All of these statements listed above are FDA certified and backed by University Studies.

Our Mission: AtbarNONE Protein, we share your values and aim to un-frustrate the world by offering protein bars that are wholesome over ‘hidden’– rewinding food back to its core; that is, where food starts as food and ends as food …with NONE of the bad.

 “I created goat whey protein bars fueled by a frustration to ‘break out of the herd’ and provide protein bars that are wholesome over ‘hidden’. I had become allergic and intolerant to cow dairy, gluten, corm and many other common foods and was simply unable to find and clean, nutrient-dense snacks or quick on-the-go food products that were actually sustainable. After initially making the bars out of my home-based kitchen, and receiving amazing feedback I soon decided to create them as a marketable product to share with the world! – Corrine Konell – COE, barNoNE Protein, Inc.


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