Sandy 6.2 Mile Bike and Walking Loop Tour

  • Begin at Wolf Drive and McCormick (4-way stop) by Post Office. Park on McCormick behind The Church of Christ.
  • Proceed one block south on Wolf to stop sign at Davis Street. Turn left on to Davis.
  • Follow Davis up to stop sign at Gary Street. Turn right (west) on Gary through stop sign at Van Fleet Avenue to Barker Court.
  • Right on Barker Court to stop sign at Meinig Street.
  • Left on Meinig. Follow Meinig south to stop sign at Dubarko Drive.
  • Turn right on Dubarko to stop sign at Hwy. 211 (1.3 miles).
  • With caution cross Hwy. 211 a short block. Curve right up Tupper Road to Sandy Heights Road.
  • Turn left on Sandy Heights. Proceed on Bluff Road (2.0 miles) to Towle Drive.
  • Turn right on Towle to Sunset Street.
  • Proceed (east) on Sunset to stop sign at Bluff Road (2.8 miles). Turn left on Bluff across (through light) US 26.
  • Proceed (north) on Bluff Road to Jonsrud Viewpoint (3.8 miles).
  • Reverse (south) on Bluff past high school to Hood Street. Turn left on Hood to Beers Avenue.
  • Turn left (north) on Beers one block to Park Street. Right on Park (east) to Strauss Avenue to Pleasant Street.
  • Turn left (east) on Pleasant to stop sign at Meinig Avenue.
  • Turn left (north) on Meinig to Scenic Street.
  • Turn right (east) on Scenic to Fir Drive. Right on Fir (south) to Hood Street.
  • Follow Hood right to stop sign at Revenue Avenue.
  • Turn left (south) up Revenue for one block to Pleasant Street.
  • Turn left (east) on Pleasant to the stop sign on Ten Eyck Road.
  • Turn right (south) on Ten Eyck.
  • Proceed through traffic light (US 26) to Wolf Drive. Ten Eyck becomes Wolf at the US 26 crossing.
  • Travel one block (south) to McCormick Drive and your starting point (6.2 miles).

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